Clarksville Pool and Leisure

Water Chemistry

Below are important elements to be maintained and checked on a weekly bases to ensure that your pool will keep its crystal blue look along with proper functioning of your pool system.

Potential Hydrogen

Calculating the perfect pH for your pool based on several critical factors.

Total Alkalinity

We use sodium bi-carbonate to raise and balance Total Alkalinity, stabilizing the pH.

pH Level

Checking if your water is more acidic or basic so we can balance it.


Sanitizing your pool water.


We check for and eliminate chloramines which can hurt your eyes.

Water / Calcium Hardness

Check to ensure it is within standard pool industry ranges.

Cyanuric Acid

We verify that just the right amount is in the water.

Total Dissolved Solids

Checking and measuring the amount of impurities.

Salt Content (Saltwater Pools)

Checks to ensure the salt levels are within industry standards.