What we do for weekly maintenance?



Pool_Icon Check water chemistry using MobileWater Link. The test results are sent wirelessly into your customer portfolio and emailed to you.

Pool_Icon Empty skimmer and pump basket (may require more frequent cleaning)

Pool_Icon Thoroughly vacuum the pool once a week. Brush the sides and bottom of your pool, even if you have an automatic pool cleaner as this will loosen dirt and other particles that may adhere to pool finish.

Pool_Icon Remove any large accumulation of debris on the bottom with a leaf scoop.

Pool_Icon Feed the pool with chlorine or other sanitizer to satisfy its requirements either manually or automatically.

Pool_Icon Check the water level is high enough for the pump to operate correctly

Pool_Icon Test and adjust sanitizer level (may require more frequent testing depending upon bather load and environmental conditions

Pool_Icon Visually inspect pool water for clarity, color and visible contaminants

Pool_Icon Remove floating leaves

Pool_Icon Test and adjust pH (may require more frequent testing depending upon bather load and environmental conditions)

  • The pH should be in the range 7.4 – 7.8 if the pool has a vinyl or tile finish. The range should be 7.3 – 7.5 if the pool has a fiberglass finish. The range should be 7.4 – 7.6 for a gunite swimming pool. If the level is too hgh, then adjust it down using pH decreaser. The correct dosage is located on the label.
  • If the the pH is too low, then add pH increaser. Again see labels for dosage. If the pH has dropped possibly so has your total alkalinity.
  • Don’t correct you pH more than once a week

Pool_Icon Test chlorine levels in the pool water:

  • Free chlorine levels should be between 1-3 ppm
  • Free bromine levels should be between 3-5 ppm

Pool_Icon Test and adjust alkalinity

Pool_Icon Test and adjust Oxidizer and Stablizer levels

Pool_Icon Check filter pressure and backwash only if required

Pool_Icon Add a preventive does of algaecide as necessary

Pool_Icon Shock the pool as per weekly instructions. This treatment restores the sparkle to the pool and water and destroys germs and organic contaminants

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