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  • Clarksville Pool and Leisure provides a full scale of opening services that will ensure your entire system is functioning efficiently. Our step by step punch list will go a long way in saving you money over the lifetime of your pool.


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  • Our level of competency to our customers and potential new customers around the surrounding areas of Clarksville is unlike any other.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Recently worked with CPL for an opening, inspection and cleaning. They were very professional and prompt. Priced great and honestly, they were the only ones in town that I could find that offer all of those services! Some of the other pool companies offered some but not all, but this place was a one stop shop. ”

Lauren Hermes

Relator, Conroy, Marable & Holleman

“Only place in Clarksville I could find that didn’t rip you off and did weekly maintenance that went above and beyond to help my renters out. ”

Tonia Ballan Carty

Clarksville Pool Owner

“We have had our pool for 8 years. During that time we have worked with four different pool companies. Randy and the team from Clarksville Pool and Leisure have consistently delivered knowledge, expertise, and service that is unsurpassed by any other company in the area. Our pool has never looked nor functioned better. Highly recommend!!!!. ”

Jennifer Blackman

Clarksville Pool Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do to close down my pool?

Step 1: Assess the pumps, filters and heaters. Make sure that the pumps are not below the water level, and if they are take appropriate measures for flooded suction winterization. If the pumps are above the water level start undoing all plugs and allow them to drain. The heater and filter plugs should also be taken out at this time.

Step 2: Take out all return eyeballs, skimmer baskets, and pool sweep line fittings as needed. Install Gizmo blow out plugs every skimmer as needed.

Step 3: Disconnect suction side and pressure side of pump and blow the suction side of the lines. Above ground pools this will only be the skimmer lines, In-ground pools this will be the main drain as well as the skimmers. Plug the gizmo’s blow out after adding ½ gallon pool anti-freeze in and around.

Step 4: Blow the pressure side of the pump. If there is a heater disconnect the unions on the outlet side of the heater and blow the return and cleaner lines.

Step 5: Starting from the farthest return start plugging the lines one at a time to make sure there is not any residual water left in the lines. Above ground pools can be be winterized just by taking draining the  water below the skimmer and plugging the return lines.

Step 6: Double check plugs and gizmos for any air bubbles; This would indicate there is air seeping out of the lines, if they are undo plug and add teflon tape.

Step 7: Place cover over your pool. Check to make sure all grommets are ready to stabilize safety cover.

Step 8: Shut off power to the pump, by turning off the circuit breaker. It’s also a good idea to remove any timer settings on the timeclock, just in case someone turns the breaker back on during the winter.

What do you do to open my pool?
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